About Better Way Solutions

Our Philosophy

Better Way Solutions is founded on the belief that every company, no matter how big or small, should have access to the technology they need at a price they can actually afford. Over the years, we have seen far too many small business owners bullied into accepting over- priced, under-supported technology because they didn’t know they had a choice. Unfortunately, you can bet that the big guys aren’t trying to sell you the newest, most affordable tools. Not a chance; they’re just going to keep pushing that same old product that they’ve successfully been selling for the last 30 years.

Don’t be fooled, just because they’re not giving you the options, doesn’t mean the options aren’t out there. In fact, as technology continues to advance at break-neck speeds, the available solutions keep getting better and better, and the prices just keep going down.

We’re not the big guys. We truly believe that there always has to be a better way. We have made it our mission to seek out the cutting edge solutions that allow small businesses to get all the functionality they need for a fraction of what the big guys are trying to charge them.

Our Company

To deliver these solutions to the people who need them, we formed Better Way Solutions. Better Way Solutions is a private, independent company located in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. We specialize in delivering voice and data solutions to small to mid-size organizations in the upper Midwest.

The company is primarily operated by the owners, Andy Boettcher and Brian Filip. We both have extensive technology knowledge and real-world project experience. Working on hundreds of projects for dozens of organizations have has given us the breadth of experience and depth of knowledge necessary to help you find and implement the ideal solutions for your needs. Additionally, we have developed a strong network of local and national partners to ensure that we always have the resources and knowledge to show you the Better Way.

To learn more about the specific services we offer, please continue in the Services Section.

If you would like to see real-life examples of Better Way Solutions in action, please review our Case Studies.

About Andy

Andy Boettcher is the technical know-how behind Better Way Solutions.

About Brian

Brian Filip manages business development, strategic consulting and project management.