Case Studies

These cases are real, but names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Case 1: Home Improvement / Construction Company

This company has a considerable remote workforce: estimators, project managers, crew supervisors, and the crew themselves, that are constantly in the field.

The only way to connect with the remote workforce is via cell phone. Both employees and customers alike are given multiple phone numbers for different stages of their project: Cell phone number for the estimator / project manager, another cell for the production manager, another cell number for the business office, and yet one more number for speaking with the company management if necessary.

Although they had accepted it as a temporary way of doing business, they knew it needed to change; they just didn't know how. They were moving offices at some time down the road, but didn't want to be tied into any contract or phone numbers they couldn't take with them. The options that had been explored through the traditional channels would not give them the flexibility they needed, or the flexibility would cost $15-$20k.

Better Way Solution:
By forwarding their main business number to an Asterisk server, connected to the public through an Internet Telephony Service Provider, the company is now able to have all calls ring at the main office. Further, through the use of the "Follow Me" technology that is built-in to Asterisk, all remote personnel were given extensions that ring through the system to their cell phones, giving customers one single number / one single point of contact for all business contacts. This solution gives them the flexibility to move offices at will with no downtime, as the Internet Telephony Service Provider has the ability to forward calls to an alternate number in the event the server is offline. We were able to offer this for less than 1/3 the price of any competitor, and the customer has successfully operated with the system for the last six months.

Better Way Solutions Abilities and Benefits:
Follow Me
Internet Telephony Service Provider with Fail-Over Call Routing
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Digital Receptionist
Dial-By-Name Employee Directory
Time-Based Call Routing
Detailed Call Reporting
Call Recording
Unified Messaging

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Andy Boettcher is the technical know-how behind Better Way Solutions.

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