Resources and Links

As we have worked over the years on different projects, with different companies, and with other talented professionals, we have collected a vast number of tools and resources that are very helpful to know about.

If you have links or resources to share, please send Andy an email and we can get it posted.


Petri IT Knowledgebase
Exchange Knowledgebase
Outlook and Exchange Knowledgebase
Official Microsoft Knowledgebase

Internet Technical Tools

What is your current Internet IP Address?
Need to find out who owns a particular IP address?
SMTP email diagnostic tools
ShieldsUP! Firewall testing site

General Indispensable Tools

Angry IP Scanner
Free TFTP Server, Subnet Calculator, and WoL Packet Sender
Putty, a free telnet / SSH client

About Andy

Andy Boettcher is the technical know-how behind Better Way Solutions.

About Brian

Brian Filip manages business development, strategic consulting and project management.